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SpotBasket Skills App

Basketball Player
Evaluation App

Highest-Rated evaluation software for basketball coaches and players. Easy-to-use app, you need only 5 minutes to start.

Player Evaluation App. Basketball Evaluation Software.
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«SpotBasket Skills elevates basketball tryouts, camps, and clinics with its advanced player evaluation app. Seamlessly gather essential basketball metrics directly from your mobile device or tablet. With real-time evaluation reports at your fingertips, you can significantly improve player development, feedback, and the team selection process. The new Athlete Self-Assessments feature empowers players to gauge their own performance, fostering self-awareness and growth within the sport.»
Yury Vouk, SpotBasket Pro Coach

Evaluation For Players and Coaches

Basketball Evaluation Software For Players

For Players

It's easy to track your progress and make self elevation. And it's totally free for personal use!

Basketball Evaluation Software For Coaches & Schools

For Coaches & Schools

Use SpotBasket Skills app for basketball tryouts, camps, and clinics. Use app every day with the best pricing on the market!

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Dive Into Player Stats

Data's going to be super helpful for training your athletes and putting together teams. Check out and rank players to spot the best ones Use detailed reports to make smart choices. Keep an eye on how players improve after each evaluation.

For Players

Full access for 1 player
Price: Free

  • Self Evaluations App
  • Available on any device
  • 1 player limit
Full access

Price: Free

For Coaches

Full access + 25 players
Price: $2 per month

  • Basketball Skills Evaluations App
  • Available on any device
  • 25 players limit (add more players via request)
Full access + 25 players

Price: $2 per month

For Schools & Academies

Full access for teams
Price: $16 per month

  • Team & Groups Skills Evaluation App
  • Available on any device
  • 200+ players (add more players via request)
Full access + 200+ players

Price: $16 per month