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SpotBasket Skills Assessment

SpotBasket Skills Assessment: A Benchmark in Basketball Proficiency

At SpotBasket, we understand the importance of measurable skill development. That’s why we proudly present the SpotBasket Skills Assessment—a comprehensive tool exclusively developed for our users in collaboration with esteemed basketball coaches.

Basketball Skills Assessments

How to get your SBScore®

Here's the streamlined process:

  1. Engage in the Assessment: Take on our tailored challenges and capture your performance.
  2. Instant Upload: Seamlessly upload the footage directly to your SpotBasket account.
  3. Expert Evaluation: Our certified coaches meticulously review your video, ensuring an objective scoring based on your prowess and technique. This score, a testament to your skill level, becomes a pivotal part of your SpotBasket profile.

But that's not all. For those who excel, recognition awaits. Top performers aren’t merely statistics on our leaderboard. We actively highlight these elite athletes, presenting their scores and detailed profiles to a vast network of over 100 renowned basketball programs.

Embark on your professional journey with the SpotBasket Skills Assessment and identify where you truly stand in the realm of basketball.

Professional basketball coaches

1. 100% Online (15-45 min)

2. Basketball skills assessments by professional coaches

3. SBScore® certificate and many other features

SpotBasket Basketball skill assessment Certificate